“If I tell you your people’s physics have been flawed for the last hundred years and that we’ve been existing above your heads. Shooting stars are tears of my sisters, lunar craters the doings of my brothers. Meteor showers celebrations done in the name of our father, auroras the dance of celestial lovers. If I tell you all these things, would you even take five seconds of your already dwindling time to believe in--” Castiel grapples with the air that escapes his lungs-- “Something like me?”
Ad Astra - latin ; “to the stars”

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- Amanda Helm

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Let’s make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.



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in which dean is the scariest thing in purgatory


"Dean Winchester’s behind you."

no but serial killer!dean ok i just

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for love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
just in case you feel you want to hold him
you'll have a pocket full of starlight
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The CW announced the title of the highly-anticipated “Supernatural” spinoff series on Wednesday (Jan. 29). The new series will be called “Supernatural: Tribes,” Deadline reports. The backdoor pilot — which will air as an episode during Season 9 — will explore the different hunter and monster cultures in Chicago, and how the two come into conflict with each other.

And not to worry, “Supernatural” fans: None of the actors known from parent series “Supernatural” will leave for the spinoff, though there’s always a chance they might appear. A new character will be introduced in the backdoor pilot who will go on to lead the spinoff series.

'Supernatural' spinoff to be called 'Supernatural: Tribes' (via dirtyovercoats)

You are not your own.

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graphic inspired by Luigi Ghirri 

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Imagine it:

You’re sitting in an internet-less cafe, with your computer and nothing to do on it because there’s no wifi

but then, a tall man, about 6 foot 4, with shaggy brown hair and broad shoulders comes in, and boom

network detected 


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his squint in the first gif is my favorite

he’s like “did u hide it”

This never gets old

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