For the people that continue to (by some miracle) follow me for Nick/Jeff, and as I’ve gotten quite a few asks about my hiatus of sorts…

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How Do You Spell ‘Fuck You’?

Niff Drabble

Summary: What the hell is that burning on his shoulder? (Wrote this in 40 minutes. Not beta’d. Just a quick thing because I had some inspiration. Prob. a bunch of mistakes.) Rated T?

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Famous!Niff~ Jeff is on tour and Nick’s an actor livestreaming with his fans


They were suppose to grow old together. They had planned on going to college together and getting an apartment. Maybe they would have even started a family, but years after parting, Nick finally spots this “Ethan Haines,” who looks exactly like his Jeff. Way too much like his Jeff… on the TV, no less. And he just happens to be in town. Nick needs to see him. Just one last time. If nothing else, he just needs to make sure… This calls for a man hunt.

This Isn’t the ‘Stacy’s Mom’ Music Video

Chapter 2/3 -> [Part 1]

By CrazedHumor

Rated: T

Summary: When Jeff’s mom informs him that she’s hired a guy to help with yard work he immediately labels him as a ‘cougar seeking douche.’ However, when he meets Nicholas, he isn’t exactly what the blond expected… as if he needed more help being distracted from his school project. Romance/Humor Au. Niff. Yeah. I’m splitting the last chapter in two because it’s too long. :/ Was originally a two-shot.

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AU!Niff: Going to different colleges wasn’t even a possibility before, but now they make due with what they have and visit one another at every possibility. And it’s the little things that make it easier.

There are days when Nick can get out of bed. There are days that are easier than others. When he can put a smile on his face and pretend like everything is okay. He doesn’t do it because he needs to. He does it to make everyone else feel better. 

He can feel the way some of them look at him when they don’t think he notices. He can feel their eyes, so full of pain and sorrow and sympathy and pity, and after a while he just gets so tired of it. So, he masks what he’s really feeling. He puts on a smile for the crowd, hoping that when his back is turned they start to talk about how well he’s doing instead of how they hope he’ll pull through and that it just “takes time.”

However, for Nick, time passes by slowly. There’s nothing there for him anymore. And because of this, it’s so agonizingly slow that he wants to shove out the rest of the world and tear out every other memory outside the ones he lives in. He wants to live in this never ending cycle of pain where he can at least pretend. Time is his worst enemy and he lives in a hell where it’s suppose to be his best friend.

He covers his ears sometimes. Sometimes he shuts his eyes and remembers what things use to be like. He remembers how colorful things were and how he could hear the calming sound of rain hitting the roof of the studio apartment. He remembers how warm the bed was with the sheets tossed around in a pile and clothes laid around on the floor.  But it just makes it hurt worse when he opens them and listens to the sound of nothing, there’s a pull in his chest and his eyes start to sting. There is no rain. There is no warmth. The arms around his back are gone and voice he use to wake up to has vanished. 

But… it hasn’t. 

He does it subtly. There’s nothing worse than the looks he knows he’ll receive if they found out. Some moments when he’s in a crowded room full of people, out to dinner or sitting around the tv is when it hurts the most. There are people around him, getting by and living and he’s stuck looking around the room for that familiar face even if he knows he’ll never see it again. Nick excuses himself and find a dark corner where he can do it in peace. It’s in those fifteen seconds that he finds himself feeling as best as he possibly can and at his very worst. He’s torn between smiling and collapsing onto the floor. Every time.

There are a few times when it happens that he leaves without saying anything. He’s reduced to choking on his own tongue. He’s gagging and crying so hard that he can barely make it out without falling over himself. Sometimes he knows that this will happen, but he doesn’t care because he needs something to remember that it really happened.

That he was really here.

And there are nights when he falls asleep to it. His cell phone is pressed against his ear and his face is half hidden in his pillow. Sometimes there are tears running down his face and seeping into the fabric of his pillow. Other times, he’s just too tired to cry. His fingers shake as he quickly works to redial as soon as he’s enveloped in silence, because as soon as the noise stops, he feels his stomach drop and he panics, as though uncertain the voice will still be there.

Because there’s no warmth at his back. There’s no smile he’ll roll over to. There’s no blond hair for Nick to brush from his face to see those beautiful hazel eyes. There’s no laugh that will ring throughout the apartment. There is nothing for him here except the sound of the voice in his ear.

Over and over he plays it because he’s too scared of the silence. He’s too scared he’ll never hear it again.

In the distance, somewhere across the room on top of a dresser full of clothing, half of which doesn’t fit him, a cellphone screen lights up.

Hey, this is Jeff! Leave me a message and I’ll try to get back to you if I’m not already preoccupied… if you know what I mean.

There’s a chuckle and the faint sound of his own voice in the background and then it cuts off.

There’s silence.

Nick dials again.

"Now I’ve gotta get back to Jeff before he starts singing you Baby Got Back again.”

Future!Niff: Nick decides to make a video for his and Jeff’s daughter for her to watch when she graduates high school or in case anything happens. (And thus you are given flashforwards of what’s to come.)

"…but a fugitive and two horny teenagers that could tear my room apart. Literally. Just another day in the life of Stiles."

AU/Crossover: Teen Wolf/Glee~ After Nick turns Jeff, his new mate, without his pack’s consent, he turns to his distant cousin of sorts, Derek, for aid. Needing to hide from the rest of the pack, they find residency in Stiles’ room. (Who’s starting to get a little too used to the brooding wolf he normally cringes at.)

fic: Duet


Title: Duet

Characters: Nick/Jeff (Glee)

Rating: T?

Summary: Nick and Jeff snoop on Kurt and Blaine. They find themselves singing a duet to each other. Well, at least Nick kinda does.

Word Count: 900+

Notes: Written for Day Three of Niff Week, with the theme “Duets”. And then after I wrote this, I realized it would make sense for day two as well lmao.

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Child!Niff (Marley and Me Edition?)

Nick is rarely found at his own house. His parents don’t mind that most nights he can be found four blocks away in the Galven house with their son, Jeff, and golden retriever. They’ve never cared, not really, not enough to say something at least. It’s not unusual for Nick to fall asleep in Jeff’s bed after a full afternoon of video games, borrow some clothes the next day for school, and return to the same home after. And it’s not weird growing up together. He normally wakes up to Jeff’s parents’ voices outside the bedroom door with breakfast waiting for them downstairs. But for some reason it hits both of them when the family dog passes away. Nick wonders why he’s crying as they bury him in the ground until Jeff’s hand slips into his own, he realizes that they don’t only see him as a guest, but as a part of the family. He’s loosing him too.