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#friendly reminder that malcolm reynolds wore a flower crown before it was cool.

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#KAYLEE ILU #i could write essays on how great kaylee is and how her love of frilly dresses and strawberries and engines and sex are all totally compatible and awesome #no wrong way to be a girl

#the women of firefly are so perfect #river: frail unstable genius girl WHO KICKS YOUR ASS #inara; the ‘whore’ who flips on edge everything most’d normally think about a whore and is beautiful inside and out #zoe: fierce warrior and soldier who wants to be a mother someday #WHERE ARE YOUR LADY TROPE GODS NOW????


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I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

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screencap meme | Firefly and space

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Male Characters (2/10)

Malcolm Reynolds
“We can’t die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so… very… pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.”

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In honor of Nathan Fillion’s Birthday.

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“I love my wife.” // “Him. I’m sorry. You were going to ask me to choose, right? Do you wanna finish?”

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Jayne flipping through Simon’s journal.

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How It Was: The Making of ‘Firefly’

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